Modern and Professional Real Estate Gate

Our belief that real estate is associated with people and life was the push.

Our satisfaction that real estate is a connected circle of a variable tender and

creative development gave us the motive.

  • Our vision
    Modern and Professional Real Estate Gate

    Our vision
    Modern and Professional Real Estate Gate

    We desire that Shumool be …
    1) a real estate portal and a gateway to real estate investor to the
    Saudi market .
    2) creative and specialized in real estate industry .
    3) pacing with all that is modern and new in real estate services, with
    discretion, without any compromise on professionalism developed
    technically and administratively .
  • Our values
    Initiation, Proficiency, Fidelity, Objectivity

    Our values
    Initiation, Proficiency, Fidelity, Objectivity


    Fast moving for hunting the best opportunities and good
    interaction with market variables.


    Precision in the details, quality-selection, and constant innovation
    in the real estate industry.


    Commitment to Islamic law principles, vocational standards,
    credibility with business partners, and ensuring the confidentiality
    and rights of others.


    Transparency and impartiality in supporting investment decision-making
  • Our mission
    As a professional teamwork

    Our mission
    As a professional teamwork

    In a modern concept …
    1) we select, study, and develop the best real estate opportunities .
    3) we aim to achieve higher profitability for partners .
    2) we offer management of special funds in the Saudi market to maximize
    the return on investment .
  • Our strategic goals
    Our strategic goals

    Our strategic goals
    Our strategic goals

    1) To increase the ability to discover the best opportunities and real estate investment ideas .
    2) To provide and develop profitable and unique real estate projects .
    3) To maximize the return on investment and to achieve the highest profitability .
    4) To contribute in improving the performance of real estate activity in the Kingdom; by providing added value to the community .

Talented people with big ideas and creative minds

Find out about the members of the Board of Directors

Mr. Mohammad Gh. M. Gh. Al-Tayyar
Board of Directors Chairman

Mr. Dhari Bader Ahmed Al-Methen

Mr. Salaah A. Al-Rashoud

Mr. Musaed Ali Ibrahim Al-Gadhi

Mr. Abdulaziz N. S. Al-Saleh

Our Projects

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Accomplished Projects


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Dates and numbers

Shumool was founded on the 6th of May 2006 .
Ever since, shumool moves firmly ]relying on Allah[ to continue .
We decided to work professionally in the Saudi market through : Studying the real estate chances carefully, choosing the best of them identifying the suitable investment to get high profits the partners .
Then it was the crowning of our company as one of the 100 companies that are the fastest in growth in the Kingdom in 2008 . Our company was the ninth amongst the companies that grew fastest according to the company’s profits during the last two years .

The company was founded.
we bought the first piece of land for the company .
we enlarged the company activity to cover all K.S.A. regions.
The liquidation of real estate portfolio was managed by the company, a net profit 67.85% through only one year investment
a building was bought for the company on Olaya Street, Al-Morog district .
the company won the ninth place amongst one hundred companies that achieved the fastest growth in the Kingdom of Saudi
New start with new vision


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